Upcoming Virtual Town Hall Will Address Pressing Concerns About COVID-19 in Costa Rica

Costa Rica and COVID-19: Looking to the Future

Upcoming Virtual Town Hall Will Address Pressing Concerns About COVID-19 in Costa Rica

For the first time, Costa Rica’s ex-pat community is invited to ask their most pressing Coronavirus and related questions to a panel of national experts during a live, English language, Virtual Town Hall. The streaming goes Live this Sunday, May 10, at 5 p.m. CST at The Costa Rica News Facebook platform.  FB LIVE Event https://www.facebook.com/events/548375232530336/

President Carlos Alvarado addresses the Nation

Upcoming Virtual Town Hall Will Address Pressing Concerns About COVID-19 in Costa RicaOn Monday evening, President Carlos Alvarado addressed the nation during his speech to the Legislative Assembly. The heavy-hearted discourse began with a call for the population to unite in the face of adversity, now more than ever.

“I cannot hide my sadness for the impacts the coronavirus has had on the country.”

The pandemic has caused mass unemployment and loss of income, damaging the economy to the degree that it’s becoming the greatest challenge of our generation,” he said.

Despite the measures to lessen restrictions and resume operations of select social and economic activities, implemented on May 4, the President warned that such advancements could be halted if new cases of contagion are reported. During a virtual live town hall through Facebook you will know everything about the COVID-19.

The global coronavirus pandemic, single-handedly reversed many of the achievements the Alvarado administration made to bolster the economy, improve social infrastructure, reduce the national debt, and promote international tourism.

Impact on the expat community

Upcoming Virtual Town Hall Will Address Pressing Concerns About COVID-19 in Costa RicaThe COVID-19 health crisis is not only impacting Costa Rican citizens, of course. The expat community residing and conducting business in Costa Rica is equally affected by the fear and insecurity generated by the pandemic.

In addition to the loss of revenue, abrupt halt of the tourism industry and other sectors, the inability to travel home to be reunited with loved ones and livelihoods, and other impacts.

The nation as a whole is now tasked with formulating a plan that includes protective measures in place to protect citizens and visitors, a regeneration of the economy, attracting foreign investment, resuming the traditional academic calendar for schools and universities, and the reopening of its borders and international airports.

Answering your questions

Upcoming Virtual Town Hall Will Address Pressing Concerns About COVID-19 in Costa RicaIn these uncertain times, we feel it’s not just our duty but our obligation to support the Costa Rican community (English speaking or otherwise) in obtaining and sourcing the most current, effective, and accurate information on the national state of affairs.

To address these questions, we are establishing an interactive virtual space for live dialogue between select national authorities and the community.

The Goal? To exchange facts about the global COVID-19 crisis and how it impacts us here in Costa Rica, today, and into the future.

Ask your most pressing Coronavirus questions to a panel of national experts during our live, English language, TCRN Town Hall broadcast airing this Sunday, May 10, at 5 p.m. CST at The Costa Rica News Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/548375232530336/

Session I – The current state of COVID-19 affairs in Costa Rica

The Live Stream is the first of a two-part series addressing the future outlook of COVID-19 and its impact on Costa Rica’s livelihoods and economy, including the resulting restrictions.

The second session aims to address questions arising from the upcoming May 15 presidential address on the country’s proposed strategy for reopening international borders, airports, schools, and businesses.

In keeping with Town Hall format, the forum will feature guest speakers and a TCRN moderator. The session will begin with questions submitted previously by TCRN readers followed by a Questions & Answers session where members of the live audience can post questions onto the broadcast platform.

Session II – Addressing the May 15 government decisions for reopening or further restricting social and commercial activities

On May 11, government authorities will conduct an evaluation to determine if the further opening of commercial activities will be extended or if a tightening of restrictions should apply.

Decisions regarding these national directives will be announced on May 15. Many questions will be answered during a live virtual town hall.

On Sunday, May 17, at 5 p.m. CST (Costa Rica time), TCRN will hold the Session II Live English-language Stream of Costa Rica and COVID-19: Looking to the Future. The forum will feature a new panel of national experts and authorities from Session I. Join us and participate in the discussion at The Costa Rica News Facebook platform.

Production Credit: Director: Daniel Yepez; Core Participants and Spanish Content Creation: Priscila Gomez (La Nacion); Transmission and Technical Support: Michael Pope; Streaming: Gabo Hernandez Vargas; Moderator and English Content Creation: Krystal Hartman; Executive Producer: Tito Oses; Town Hall Sponsor: Michael Katz  

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