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    Is Uber the next great thing coming to Costa Rican transportation? Or could a local-friendly alternative give the San Franciscan brand a run for its money?

    Despite local backlash, Uber’s recent job postings suggest they are confidently preparing for Costa Rican launch. Pro-Uber enthusiasts argue that the company will put an end to rip-offs and taxi scams by allowing users to know their driver before and review him or her after. Meanwhile, current drivers of the familiar red and yellow taxis here in the country protest that Uber is proceeding against federal regulations and cannot be trusted.

    Before the competition finds its way to the road, take a moment to learn how Uber compares to a similar company already in play here in Costa Rica.

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    In the end, it seems that Uber may want to concern themselves less with forcing their way into the country and more on measuring up to their competition. According to Alfredo Martínez, press representative for Easy Taxi CR, their app will also do away “with a lot of the bad stereotypes of cab drivers, like lying about how far away they are and if their meter has been tampered with.” Unlike Uber, however, Easy Taxi was not afraid to cooperative with local taxis.

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