Turrialba volcano becomes increasingly dangerous within 2 kilometers, says volcanologist

Risk of falling rocks and hot gases are concentrated in the vicinity of the Colossus

The Turrialba volcano becomes increasingly dangerous for the people that live within a radius of two kilometers of the crater or who frequent it, said volcanologist Gino González during the Nuestra Voz program on Monday.

The expert pointed out that the activity of the last few weeks has demonstrated eruptive capacity and energy that is inside the Colossus.

González noted that risk consists of the expulsion of rock and the exit of hot gases. Outside that range, the only possible involvement is the fall of ash.

To the volcanologist, is necessary to pay attention to people who are in the most critical area, requiring an intervention, although they are few.

Those who reside in this region close to the volcano mainly work in the realm of dairy and agriculture.

Gonzalez proposed one solution of buying properties in the radius of this two kilometers in order to move those families to an area with less risk.

For the rest of the Central Valley, the volcanologist reiterated that the Costa Ricans must learn to live with ash since the Turrialba gives clear signals that the phenomenon will continue for a long time.

Due to this foreseeable phenomenon, the population should take caution and use appropriate measures such as wearing clothing that covers most of the body in the event of a significant exposure of volcanic material in the environment. Also, it is advisable to place a damp cloth under the doors and windows when this occurs.

The National Commission of emergencies (CNE) reported at 8:00 a.m. on Monday a rash of moderate intensity that reached approximately 2,500 meters above the base of the crater.

It is estimated that by the direction of the wind, the ash reaches to the Central Valley.
Experts from the national seismic network (RSN) and the Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica (OVSICORI) maintains the constant monitoring of the activity of the Colossus.

Photo Credit Turrialba Volcano from Irazu – www.aaanouel.com

SOURCEHayley Thompson
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