Turrialba Expected to Erupt Within Hours

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    Scientists says last night’s seismic activity suggests an eruption is possible either today or tomorrow.

    At 7:08pm on Tuesday, October 20th, Turrialba began exhibiting signs of activity. This activity remained constant until 2:30am on the 21st — a total of 7.5 hours.

    While there is no definite evidence of an eruption, this type of tremor indicates that there is the fluids within the volcano are moving. Gino Gonzalez, volcanologist at the University of Costa Rica, explains that such activity is similar to the vibrations one feels when they turn on the plumbing and water begins to flow. According to Gonzalez:

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    [quote_center]”There could be an eruption within the coming hours, tomorrow or today.”[/quote_center]

    If Turrialba does erupt, it’s not expected to be an event of great magnitude. Rather, it would be similar to the eruptions of earlier in the year with just ash.

    Header image taken at 5:25am October 21, 2015. Via OVSICORI-UNA on Facebook.

    Live Feed

    To view a live feed of Turrialba Volcano, click here.

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