“Toucan Nation”: The documentary tells the story of the Grecia toucan

The story of “Grecia”, the toucan who lost part of his beak which was then replaced by a prosthesis, is getting closer to being shared with the world, confirmed by the well-known American entertainment magazine, “The Hollywood Reporter”.

The documentary “Toucan Nation,” produced by Paula Heredia, will chronicle every step of the story of “Grecia” from his rescue, his reception at the Zoo Ave and, because of the support and knowledge of experts, the reconstruction of the bird’s beak.

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The film is being produced by “Heredia Pictures” and “Discovery Channel” for a special presentation on “Animal Planet”.

“It gives me hope when I see people who think they can change the world and take it upon themselves to correct an error through technology, activism and law,” said Heredia through the US media.

John Hoffman, executive vice president and documentary specials on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and the Science Channel, was proud to present the story.

“This atrocity inspired people to work together to save the life of an animal. We are proud to present this moving story and hope that a broader conversation on animal welfare breaks out,” he said in the magazine.

The film will premiere at the prestigious festival Sheffield Doc in England next June 11 and the festival of American Film Institute, AFI, in Washington on June 22, before being released around the world on August 2 on Animal Planet . For our country, the documentary will be seen next August 3 on the Animal Planet channel.

The case of the Grecia toucan became famous nationally and internationally, after a youth group conducted a brutal attack in which the animal lost half its peak. Thanks to the collaboration of Zoo Ave and experts they managed to rebuild half its peak with 3-D printing technology.

Source: elperiodicocr.com

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