Tica Computer Engineer lost her job and Picks Coffee to Earn Income

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought dire economic consequences to many people in Costa Rica. Some have had their working hours shortened, while others have been laid off from their jobs.

However, in the face of the complicated panorama, there are always people who have the will to move ahead. That is the example of Yanory Salazar, a tica woman who went viral on social networks, sharing a photo with a great message.

Yanory, who is a professional tica in Computer Systems Engineering, has not found a job, and to bring income to her home, she decided to work picking coffee. Yanory decided to share her message on social networks so that people do not feel ashamed to work as coffee pickers.

This is her message on Social Media:

“For people who do not have a job, I invite you to pick coffee, although you might not consider this a great job, you can bring money to your home. To young people, I say… don’t be ashamed to pick coffee, rather be ashamed of stealing.

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