Three Tips to Maximize your Travels in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is lined with beautiful beaches, tranquil rivers, incredible mountains, and exquisite cultural attractions. Although Costa Rica is not a large country, there are endless worthwhile sites to see and things to do here. While exploring this country, it’s best to utilize your time wisely so you can experience a great deal of the adventure and relaxation that the country has to offer. Costa Rica has something new for the nature enthusiast, adventurist, and anyone who wishes to have a truly unique experience. Below are three tips to help you ensure that you have an extraordinary trip within Costa Rica!


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  1. Remain Open


Travel plans may and often will change while traveling in Costa Rica. To truly experience the magic that the country has to offer, I suggest having a general plan of travel but remain open to being wisped away in a direction that may uncover an unexpected site or experience. Rental cars can run a steep price in the country but there are other very effective modes of transportation. Many tourist busses and local transit are available to individuals who wish to freely explore the country. The busses are good quality, typically on-time, and are a very cost effective option for travelers! Following a hunch or taking a detour could certainly lead to a private beach, hidden waterfall, or a chance to see some exotic plants and animals that may not be along the main route of travel!


  1.           Master some Basic Travel Spanish


Taking the time to brush up on the Spanish language will be highly beneficial while traveling around Costa Rica. There are areas of Costa Rica where English is spoken and one could essentially get around with a simple ‘Hola.” However, in order to make your travels run more smoothly and truly open yourself to an authentic Costa Rican experience, I suggest taking the time to learn the basics. Having some basic phrases handy opens up the doors of communication with the locals who truly make this country a special place. A large amount of valuable information is transmitted through word of mouth in Costa Rica. Basic Spanish language skills could largely impact the quality of your travel around the country and your confidence as a traveler!


  1.        Have Patience


Costa Rica can be a great tester and teacher of patience if you allow it to be. Always bring a good book with you on your travel around this country. Embracing the slower pace of life here allows for one to take the time to be present with their surroundings and gain many valuable experiences that could otherwise be missed! Use lulls between travel times to explore a new corner, slow down and relax, or dive into a new cultural interaction. The country is filled with breathtaking scenery for all of the senses to take in. Allow time to unfold as it should here and stay present so you don’t miss anything!

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