The United Nations Congratulates Costa Rica for Its: “Exceptional and Innovative” Response to the Coronavirus

Setting the way to go for all global institutions combating the Pandemic

The United Nations (UN) representative in Costa Rica has recognized the “exceptional and innovative” way in which the country has responded to the Covid-19 Pandemic. “Under the leadership of the President of the Republic (Carlos Alvarado), the Minister of Health (Daniel Salas), the Emergency Operation Center (COE) and all related institutions are truly developing an inter-institutional response and an exemplary articulated response,” was said by Alice Shackelford, UN coordinator in the country.

Shackelford highlighted, for example, the fact that the National Liquor Factory (Final) is producing gel alcohol, instead of Guaro Cacique, to supply demand and that “Correos de Costa Rica” is providing facilities to distribute this product to the population. “There is a coordinated, articulated response, also thinking about an innovative system that can help us against Covid-19,” said the representative.

She states that “on behalf of the United Nations System we want the citizens to know that the country is being accompanied to develop this response by the different implementation plans to ensure that no one is left behind.”

Hackelford indicated that they are supporting the communication and development of the country’s official’s message to the population about the novel Coronavirus, with a more specific focus on more vulnerable groups such as indigenous peoples, children and adolescents, senior adults and people with disabilities to ensure that no one is left behind.

Another area of the accompaniment of the United Nations system is to understand what the areas of need by the institutions are and authorities involved and see how to align our work in their support. “Only by working together can we combat Covid-19 and ensure that the system continues to leave no one behind,” said Shackelford.

On Thursday morning the country had registered 69 people infected with the virus, one of whom died last Wednesday and five others continued hospitalized. The first fatality is a retired doctor (pediatrician), 87 years old, who was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of the San Rafael de Alajuela Hospital.

Daily, the health authorities offer a press conference to inform the population about the new cases, the measures to be taken and insist that citizens do not leave their homes unless for urgent needs. Among the provisions that have been taken as a result of the pandemic, there is the suspension of classes until April 13th, the cancellation of large public gatherings, the suspension of sports activities and the closure of discos, bars, and casinos.

Also, as of this Thursday, all borders are closed for the arrival of foreigners, while nationals and residents entering the country will be placed in mandatory quarantine. For its part, the bank system will prioritize the adjustment of debts for those affected by the virus, and the National Rehabilitation Center (Cenare) was designated as the exclusive hospital to attend patients with Covid-19.

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