The United Kingdom’s Referendum to be voted on today

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    Later today one of the most historic referendums ever will be carried out by The United Kingdom in which it decides whether or not to abandon The European Union.  A poll conducted by The Economist shows that older people are in favor of abandoning The European Union, 57% to 36%.

    However, according to the same poll, 60% of young people want to stay in The European Union and only 20% want to abandon it. On a general  level the population is made up of 44% that want to remain and 43% that want to leave.

    This Tuesday around 6,000 people attended the pavilion of The Wembley Arena in London to the largely conflicted logic of the campaign, organized and televised by BBC two days before the referendum which will be held on Thursday.

    The mayor of London Boris Johnson and his successor in the position, the laborist Sadiq Khan led two teams defending respectively leaving and staying in the European Union.

    Johnson ruled out that Brussels was going to punish London with tariffs if they abandoned the European Union. They would be “crazy” he assured, to risk that.  “Everyone knows that this country receives a fifth of their production from German cars, 820,000 vehicles a year.

    However, the businessman George Soros  who amassed his fortune with a hit against the pound in 1992 predicted a “Black Friday” in the world markets if the Brexit is triumphant , in addition to a more impoverished Britain.

    “The value of the pound would fall vertiginously”, at least by 15% predicted the American businessman in an article by The Guardian. “The irony in that case is that the value of one pound is roughly equal to the value of one euro, a way of ‘uniting the euro’ that nobody in The United Kingdom wants”, added Soros.

    On his behalf, Mario Draghi, President of The Central Bank of Europe, said that the institution is prepared for whatever eventually happens. The principal central banks “maintained extended consultations”, “pertaining to the referendum” and “were readying all the preparations”.

    “A vote in favor of leaving the E.U. could have serious economic repercussions”, said the president of The Federal Reserve Janet Yellen.

    On his part, the president of The European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker said this Tuesday that The British would be inflicting self harm if they vote in favor of leaving The E.U.

    In the case of tariffs, without a doubt staying in The E.U. will have earned a margin of approximately 78%-22%. The prime minister of The United Kingdom, David Cameron, spoke solemnly this Tuesday and asked he older generations to vote in favor of The E.U. thinking of the “hopes and dreams” of the youth.

    Cameron’s message only further urged massive debate on today’s referendum, with polls still very close, and new advertisements on the dangers of leaving, this time prompted by George Soros.

    “Think of the hopes and dreams of your children and grandchildren. Know that their possibilities of working, traveling, and constructing an open class society, and the prosperity that they desire, all depend on ending this referendum”. Said Cameron this past Tuesday in an address to the country in front of his residence on Downing Street.

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