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    Sometimes we think that diabetes is simply the end of our cravings when it comes to eating sweets. We must understand that this illness is the process in which the pancreas stops producing the insulin needed to process sugar. But once we have diabetes, we must recognize it and learn to live with it.

    As a starting point, we must be clear that a person when diagnosed “diabetic” is because their blood sugar is higher than normal. This fact is key, especially when recognizing that blood glucose is used by the body as a source of power or energy.

    What is glucose?

    This organic compound is the most abundant in nature and comes from the food we eat, the sugar from these supplies travels through the blood through all the cells of our body, while insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, which is responsible for helping glucose enter the cells. If our body does not produce a certain amount of insulin, the sugar is trapped in the blood because it cannot enter the cells and that is where “diabetes or prediabetes” is diagnosed.

    Prediabetes is not diabetes as such, but it is the beginning of this disease or condition and we must be very careful, at this stage it is where the specialist corroborates that our blood sugar level is very high, but not enough to diagnose the patient as a diabetic in its entirety.

    What would be the consequences for diabetics by not taking responsibility for their condition?

    It is important to know that each type of diabetes is risky because we are prone to suffer cardiovascular diseases due to arteriosclerosis that consequently ends up as a stroke. Kidney disorders, in this case, the worst outcome would be a chronic renal failure. Diabetic retinopathy is one of the main cause of blindness in people, diabetic neuropathy causes problems in the peripheral nerves. The diabetic foot which is the main cause of amputations in patients. All these are the consequences that lead to suffering this disease when we do not learn to take care of ourselves while living with this condition.

    What are the types of diabetes?

    Taking into account that diabetes is a serious condition, we have to know its types to know how to live with it.

    Type 1 diabetes is the condition where the body does not produce insulin, and as known that the body needs insulin to take glucose from the food, we consume to convert it into energy, patients suffering from this type of diabetes need to consume insulin daily to be able to live.

    Type 2 diabetes is when the body does not use insulin well, and these people must take medications with the supervision of specialists in the area, to help regulate their blood sugar and keep their values within the regular value. Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common.

    For those who did not know, there is also gestational diabetes, which occurs in some pregnant women but in most cases disappears at the time of birth, but even with the disappearance, it may be that both the mother and the newborn may later suffer from this condition.

    What would be the proper care for this illness?

    Within the necessary care of this disease prescribed by specialists in the area of Diabetology, we take into account as the main point: good nutrition that the patient diagnosed with this condition must have, this will help regulate glucose in the body. You should always be vigilant of your blood pressure, and evaluate triglycerides and blood cholesterol levels from time to time, keeping track of weekly glucose levels, and a very important point is to avoid alcoholic beverages and smoking altogether.

    Final recommendations

    Also, take into account that a daily exercise routine will help regulate your values and put your body with the glucose levels at a stable point where you can live with it without suffering any serious health problems.

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