The Time Is Now For Mankind to Reverse Climate Change and Save the Planet

Let us all make a concerted effort before it is too late

Humans must assume the consequences that are been manifested due to irresponsible actions towards the environment. Today it is important to become aware and execute protective measures for our global natural habitat.

One of the primary factors is to stop promoting selfish individualism and endorse inequality.

The “Green New Deal” is a proposal designed to combat climate change and its generated inequalities.

There is no doubt that the climate crisis is a fact and the consequences cannot be avoided. The idea of this type of initiative is to carry out large investments and legislative changes to reduce the footprint we have on the planet. These investments are aimed at promoting the development of renewable energy and reduction (until completely suppressed) of fossil energies, the development of the circular economy in companies, as well as the improvement of energy efficiency, both in the means of production and in buildings.

Also, important investments in infrastructure must be carried out to mitigate the effects of climate change, such as containment barriers and coastal reforms due to sea-level rise, soil conservation measures, massive reforestation, as well as cleaning and restoration of ecosystems.

Implementing every aspect of this ambitious project in favor of our planet has its strong difficulties, but it is not impossible. Financing may be one of the limitations. Educating people can be another important aspect, generating a radical change in people whose working life is linked to the most polluting industries and changing their skills towards a green economy is also a strong challenge.

It is important to know….that there is not much time to act and avoid the economic and environmental disaster that is observed on the horizon. It is an issue that, given its complexity, will be defined in the course of this 2020-2030 decade.

The growing public pressure on political and business leaders to take action will play a central role. The voice of young people should be heard, as well as that of “Greta Thunberg”, who offers a light of hope.

What can happen in the coming months, massive protests led by new generations, which are just socially awakening today to their reality, and acknowledge that the great social changes of humanity have been the product of social movements often full of sacrifice and struggle?

What has been happening until now?

The human actions that most influence the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are: the decrease in forest mass, the use of vehicles with combustion engines, the consumption of unnecessary products, carbon-based heavy industrial processes, among others.

In the history of the earth, our planet has lived unstable periods on multiple time scales with sudden changes in climate, but now anthropogenic activity is strongly forcing the system towards an irreversible level of damage, due to a rapid increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere that implies an increase of the average temperature of the planet (in 100 years the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has almost doubled). Some scientific studies indicate that due to this increase in the average temperature of the planet we may have already reached the point of no return of irreversible climate change.

The time to act is now! …. to generate changes, for the love of our planet and all future generations!

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