The world is full of mysteries, places, people, events among others; they are part of many things that have no explanation.

We will refer to some places considered mysterious for various reasons. They are places where today science has failed to find an explanation for their existence or for things that happen in them.

Devil´s Kettle, in Minnesota, USA

The United States is a territory where great mysteries are present.

In Minnesota, there is a place called Caldera del Diablo, where half of the Brule River disappears completely.

The stream is divided into two waterfalls, one that follows its course, and another that falls through a pool, where the water no longer appears again.

There are many theories, but for now, everything is shrouded in mystery.

Groom Lake, in the USA.

We continue in the United States, which, as we have said, is fertile land in mystery. Lake Groom is a basin near area 51 of salty water.

It’s supposed that tracks were built there to test secret prototypes, but it’s more fun to think they were made by and for spacecraft and aliens.

The fact is that, for each other, we do not know its true and truthful origin.

 Lights of Hessdalen, Norway

In Europe, a curious sighting happens, some luminous phenomena that occur in this mysterious place called Hessdalen Valley, of great intensity, and which many believe to be UFOs.

The truth is that they do not follow a uniform pattern, they can be of different colors, sometimes they move and others are static, and they appear alone or in groups, from the horizon to the sky.

The Walking Rocks of Death Valley

We return to the USA, there is also a place called Death Valley.

Here for years, there has been the phenomenon of rocks that walk and seem to move on their own.

If you want to observe it, go to Racetrack Beach, where it was discovered in 1948. It seems that the surface of the area, when frozen by filtered water from the ground, allows the rocks to move due to the breeze, which I would move them as if they were ship sails.

Hell’s Gate, Darvaza, Turkmenistan

It seems somewhat exaggerated to give it this name of the Gate of Hell, let’s see why.

In Turkmenistan, there is a crater 30 meters deep and 69 meters wide from which flames rise from the bottom. Soviet engineers were looking for oil in the area, and they drilled hard to find a methane bag that burst and caused the phenomenon.

Whatever its origin, the truth is that the place is a real show. And it is not the only one since it seems that other similar ones have been found in Siberia and China.

The lights of Marfa, in Texas, USA

Legend has it that in 1833 a cowboy transporting cattle saw strange lights. Thinking they were Apaches, he paid no further attention. However, the phenomenon continues to repeat itself.

Thus, the locals consider them to be Spanish explorers drowned in a nearby lake while searching for gold. Although it could also be a mirage produced by the collision between hot air that rises and cold that descends

The Bermuda Triangle

And to this list of Mysterious Places, it is mandatory to incorporate the Bermuda Triangle.

Halfway between Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Bermuda Islands, it has been considered cursed since 1945 for the number of ships and planes that have disappeared there.

However, the origin was a gang of American bombers. Since then, ships of all kinds have perished, although it seems that the explanations are not so mysterious. It is a zone of cyclones and piracy due to drug trafficking.

It is truly inexplicable before human reasoning all these mysteries that enclose these places, something that may never be glimpsed .

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