The Most Beautiful Trekking in the World.

There are many classic routes for hikers, some more difficult than others, some longer than others … but some stand out above all others: they are those that run between exceptional landscapes, extraordinary peaks and also offer some brushstrokes of local color. On these selected routes it is essential to carry a camera in your backpack.

The Grand Canyon: shore to shore, and back (USA)

It is not a bad idea to start down. The route from one shore to another and then returns varying by different paths in each direction. As you descend to the depths of the crater and the traveler you will approach the striking rainbow of earthy tones that fill the strata. The sinuous Rio Colorado makes its appearance and passes through the beautiful 30 m Ribbon waterfall that gives the impression of being ties that inflate with the breeze. If you look up after reaching the bottom, you feel as if you were an ant.

Avoid summer with a temperature of 35-40C and winter when parts of the north shore. The walk (round trip) takes about 4 to 7 days.

Laugarvegurinn (Iceland)

Cascading glaciers, mossy lava plains, volcanic tops, mirror lakes. This route has it all. The 53 km of the geysers route (they owe their name to the sulfuric steam columns of the landscape) are Iceland’s most popular hiking route and rightly so. The journey that winds through the striking highlands of the south can be done in a few days; most people leave Landmannalaugar and go south to Thormork staying at the five shelters along the route. If you are looking for something more difficult you can take advantage of the 24 hours of light in the middle of summer and make the way in one day.

The Icelandic gods of the climate should be respected: they can turn everything around in seconds. The shelters open from June to August, it is recommended to book. We also recommend buying volcanic activity when planning the trip.

Rennsteig (Germany)

It is the best kept secret hiker in Germany: used by merchants and messengers of the fourteenth century, the 168km route winds from the center of the country through the mountainous crest of the Thuringian forest, worthy of fairy tales through medieval cities, valleys with rivers and mountain tops.

It is advisable to turn off at Eisenach to see the amazing Warburg Castle, world heritage. The best time for the route is from May to August; in winters they open sections to walk through the snow.

Circuit W, Torres Del Paine National Park (Chilean Patagonia)

This path of descent ascent (in W) in the Torres Del Paine is one of the best ways to cover the Chilean Patagonia and remove the cobwebs from the brain. New visits appear every day. Long expanses of glacial and luminescent lakes (with floating icebergs) high rugged peaks and tongues that stand out among the huge Magellanic forest. The trail allows you to see the supernatural Towers (three granite needles that rise in the sky) and spot the onyx-covered horns (two needles topped by metamorphic black rock)

The Patagonian climate is essential should avoid the hardest months between May and September. The route can be completed between 4 to 5 days.

Uran-Chirripio Route (Costa Rica)

A hiking trail in its purest state in the Chirripio National Park, in the heart of the Talamanca mountain range. The route crosses ecological zones of great biodiversity, from the fantastic virgin forests that rise on a forest cover soaked with thick hanging moss, to the bare landscape of the paramo, with bushes, pastures over the highlands and lush rain forest, look below, to the cottony clouds, it’s amazing. Reaching the top of Mount Chirripio the reward is a very special view of the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean.

The walk can be done in about 4 days and is accessible all year. Although it is advisable to avoid the muddy months between September and November.

Dogon Country (Mali)

It is one of the classic trekking most appreciated by the great travelers because it runs through a landscape of strange beauty and ancestral African villages are crossed in the cliffs of Bandiagara of the Dogon country. Several paths cross an Africa of other times, with the extensive plains of the plateau dotted with villages that rise over very high limestone cliffs. The routes meander through stone steps of intricate designs, climbing stairs that cover chasms and passing through adobe houses that fill the landscape with a rainbow of colors and textures.

The weather is always warm for walking: avoid the time of April June with very high temperatures. It is also recommended to inform you in advance of the political situation of the country and the security conditions before undertaking any route.

Dare and enjoy each of these trekking…

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