The Indian Company CCS Corp Opens Its First Latin American Office in Costa Rica

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)- The Indian company CSS Corp, specialized in information technology and communications, established its first office in Latin America and started operating today in Costa Rica.

    The firm will employ 150 people in the next 12 months, who will provide technical support, software development and support to networks and applications for businesses and consumers in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Customers are located in countries such as Brazil, Mexico and the United States, said the report.

    President Laura Chinchilla attended the opening of the company’s facilities, located in a free zone in Heredia, and celebrated the arrival of the company and welcomed the attraction of foreign investment.

    “Companies like this one become an important source of quality employment for Costa Ricans as well as friends and allies in the construction of the country we all want: a Costa Rica that demonstrates each day its quality and innovative spirit “,  stated Chinchilla.

    Meanwhile, the executive of the company, Tiger Ramesh, explained that Costa Rica was chosen for its “excellent infrastructure, human capital and business friendly environment.”

    “Expansion in Latin American markets is crucial to achieve CSS Corp’s goal of becoming a global organization,” said the company representative.

    The company has offices in the Philippines, China, Poland, the United Kingdom, India, the United States and now in Costa Rica, and aims to achieve “aggressive growth” through its distribution centers worldwide, said Ramesh.

    The company’s investment in Costa Rica was not specified.

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