The EcoFeria, A Get-Together Where Local Homemade Production is Front and Center

    Consolidating "Hecho con Orgullo en Costa Rica"

    Last Friday 24th, the great Family of the EcoFeria Camino Real (Dominical), was with all its local magic from Plaza Patron’s, always with the intention that both Costa Ricans and tourists enjoy pleasant moments accompanied by incredible music, art, agriculture, literature, yoga classes, and much more.

    Drawing portraits, one of the artistic activities done that day

    Keyna, Grettel, Krishna, Giovanny and The Costa Rica News every week teach through the EcoFeria the importance of productive work done from home with the greatest love and motivation.

    Each gathering represents a great contribution to our planet and brings all the attendees to the initiative “Free of Plastic and Pesticide“.

    A kid showing an artisanal basket
    Bottles of a homemade product


    VIAMaría Donaire
    SOURCEMaría Donaire
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