The Brazilian Federal Public Ministry Investigate Alleged Intentional Poisoning of Indians

Latin America News – The Brazilian Federal Public Ministry is investigating complaints about possible intentional contamination Ypo’i creek that provides water to the local indigenous community, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul

The Indians say that the river was poisoned intentionally to evict landowners interested in land grabbing.

On Wednesday 14, say, the river covered with white foam over the entire surface of the water. Residents have photos and videos of the situation and took water samples, which were sent to the State National Indian Foundation (Funai).

“These images and reports of indigenous leaders were sent to the Federal Police to serve as a basis for research. The aim is to establish whether or not the contamination occurred and identify those responsible,” according to a statement from prosecutors.

The Ypo’i are ethnic Guarani and occupy a land dispute in Paranhos, municipality of Mato Grosso do Sul border with Paraguay.

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