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    Mobile gaming is one of the most rapidly growing parts of the gaming industry where technological developments are being done almost every year. In the year 2015, the total number of mobile users throughout the globe outperformed the number of desktop users and only in the United States of America, more than 57% of internet use was done through smartphone and hand-held devices. In order to be ahead of the curve in adopting advanced technology, few of the major online casino companies have leveraged the soaring mobile popularity much more than the web-based industry.

    As per estimates, by the end of 2017, global revenues from mobile casino gaming will increase to 100 billion USD with an estimate of 164 million users who will access all sorts of casino games from their mobile devices. Mobility, convenience, user-friendliness, and integration of top software and security features like Random Number Generations, Optical Character Recognition, and Secure Socket Layers are few of the appealing features of mobile casinos. Let’s take a look at how the technology behind online gaming actually works.

    #1: Infrastructure

    The infrastructure which is utilized in creating online games is an amalgamation of both advanced software and hardware tools and also tough efforts of the designers and engineers. An average gaming studio even depends on a plethora of tools like ZBrush, Maya, 3DS, Max, and of course Photoshop. They may even use Visual Studio and other software from the OS manufacturer. All such tools work along with each other to create the main foundation of online games. The experts associated the online gaming tech are dealing with issues which are indeed tough to solve and are very complex.

    #2: Gaming software

    The majority of the online gaming software is done in C and C++. For instance, if you visit the online casino Lapalingo and their game Fishing Frenzy (, it is always safe to say that their gaming interfaces and betting systems are coded languages. But there’s more to it. These languages are used by complex games. Other software programs like Photoshop are utilized to create graphics. The programming languages were designed as marketable assets and hence there is always a type of proprietary technology. The gaming companies will copyright the finalized product and trademark it to safeguard them.

    #3: Gaming hardware

    The majority of the online games need some form of specialized hardware to make sure there’s smooth operation. For instance, Sony makes it a requirement that their games have to run on the proprietary gaming console of the company. Microsoft even uses its Xbox platforms and Nintendo uses the Wii console. Not all games need special hardware but there are few software and hardware that is extremely necessary. There are some games which need the use of Windows OS and iOS games need the platform of Apple.

    #4: Big data resources

    The majority of the online gaming companies use huge amounts of resources. For instance, both the gaming and gambling industries use huge amounts of data. The resources that are used in the process of development will need more physical resources like hard drives and servers. This increases the requirement for space that will be home to all these surplus equipment. Ultimately, all these cogs should fit in together so that the gamers can easily slay the dragon, rescue the princess and effortlessly take another turn on the roulette wheel.

    Therefore, as we see that the online gaming industry is gaining momentum, we have to ensure that our casinos and mobile gaming companies are embracing the right technology to provide services to their gamers and clients. Above listed are the main types of tech in use.

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