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    Today we tell you that the Technological Publishing House of Costa Rica, together cc, a work that tells the story of 18 outstanding Costa Rican scientists
    The women included in this book are: Adriana Nanne, Adriana Troyo, Ana María Durán, Celeste Sánchez, Denise Dajles, Eugenia Corrales, Karol Ulate, Kattia Núñez, Laura Monturiol.

    In addition to: Marcela Hernández, Marie Claire Arrieta, Mariela Rojas, Meizel Leiva, Mónica Morales, Natalia Murillo, Paola Vega, Sindy Chaves and Stefany Solano.
    Let’s listen to Ana Luisa Monge, co-author of the book: “The Intrepids in Science and Technology
    “The intrepid book in science and technology” arises from the need to communicate to the general population about the achievements of young women in the field of science and technology, but not as a simple count of professional achievements, but rather as an account of important aspects of their lives, including the family part, the personal part, the many difficulties and achievements, and of course, academic and professional development and preparation.
    Something that we really liked about the book is that, in addition to the stories about the lives of these women, it also presents images that allow us to take a visual journey through their lives: their childhood, schooling, hobbies, trips and family.

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    Each copy has a value of twelve thousand colones and you can obtain it through the link that we have published in the capsule available on the site It will also be in an electronic version, on the page

    It is important to point out that the Technological Publishing House of Costa Rica has also published a second work based on “The Intrepids in Science and Technology“. This is a coloring book entitled: Fearless Girls, which presents an illustration of each of the scientists, as well as a brief description of their lives.

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