Tamarindo: Costa Rica’s Most Exciting Beach Town

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    Hard to believe for those of us lucky to be living in Costa Rica long enough to see how the once a quite beach village of Tamarindo has evolved to be Costa Rica’s most developed and exciting tourist town. Located on the Nicoya Peninsula’s central west coast, the now very cool beach town of Tamarindo offers vacationers an overwhelming array of adventure activities and accommodations for every budget.

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    The wide range of tourist services include; sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, jet skiing, ATV’s, zip lines, bio-reserves and horseback riding, couple that with unspoiled beaches, an exotic and exciting nightlife, throw in some umbrella drinks – you get the perfect combination of fun, adventure and coolness. Despite the town’s booming and ongoing development, Tamarindo has still held onto its laidback flavor the region is known for.

    Boasting crystal clear turquoise waters with a variety of beaches and perfect sun soaked weather, it is easy to see why Tamarindo is the regional hub. The Tamarindo national airport provides visitors with quick access to the rest of Costa Rica, and Liberia’s International Airport at only 50 kilometers (31 mi) away were driving factors in the town’s rapid development.

    Honeymooners, couples, singles and families all enjoy Tamarindo’s multi-cultural community and tropical paradise activities. The town’s combination of affluent foreign culture, chic cafés and restaurants, all in the flavor of authentic Tico culture, has a strong appeal for locals, expats and foreign visitors.

    You will have no problems finding accommodations for any budget. There are plenty of Tamarindo hotels to select from and most are within walking distance to the beaches. With a plethora of beach rentals, hotel resorts and hill top villas as well the massive choice of activities to choose from, it is estimated that Tamarindo draws as much as 25% of the tourists that land on the shores of Costa Rica. That’s a significant percentage considering that in 2012 over 2,000,000 tourists visited this small country.

    With more than 45 restaurants, bars and discos in the area, you will have plenty of great places to choose from for good food or to spend the evening out enjoying the sizzling nightlife. From live entertainment venues to beach parties to modern night clubs – the perpetual fiesta draws locals, foreigners alike.

    If you are looking for the perfect beach town in Costa Rica, check out Tamarindo, Costa Rica’s favorite hotspot for a taste of real paradise.

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