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    The Power of Fruits: They Will Make You Healthy

    Without a doubt, fruits are the most attractive food group and they add the virtue of being loaded with vitamins and minerals as well...

    Properties and Current Uses of Spirulina.

    The universe is rich and supportive in giving us; everything that is around it, however, there are stills certain vitamins from 100% of Mother...
    Skin Changes Due to a Gastric Bypass

    Skin Changes Due to a Gastric Bypass

    One of the first effects that a gastric bypass produces is on the skin, and is mainly due to the bad absorption of nutrients that occurs after the intervention
    Comida, vegetales, carne.

    Foods: Our Main Source of Energy

    Foods come in many different forms although they always have the same basic chemical functions: supplying the necessary energy to our body's cells and...

    Salt and Garlic: Two Spices with Healing Properties

    Healing naturally the body and soul is learning to use medicinal minerals. These minerals are one of the main pieces of knowledge that every...

    The Humble Turmeric Is Much More Than It Seems

    The common spice, turmeric, has been used in Indian medicine for thousands of years, while western medicine is just beginning to recognize its many...
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