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    Meditation, Healthy Food, Spa And Creativity: 4 Keys To Wellness Tourism

    The "wellness" trips put health at the center of travel experiences, with activities that revitalize the body and nourish the mind in search of...
    Retreats to look for in Costa Rica for 2021

    Retreats to look for in Costa Rica for 2021

    What is your idea of a perfect vacation? Does it include relaxing at retreats or not? If yes, then there are some of the best retreats in Costa Rica that you can enjoy

    The FRIDAYS In Dominical Are Totally Free Of Plastic

    The EcoFeria is already almost a year old, offering the inhabitants of Dominical and visitors alike incredible experiences focused on ecological awareness. Keyna, Gettel, Krishna,...

    12 Uniquely Costa Rican Spa Treatments for Mom

    There’s no one like Mom. Show her your appreciation with a spa treatment as fabulous as she is. You've heard it before: how many months...

    Delicious Things You Can Do With Chocolate Besides Eat It

    Chocolate has been an important commodity in the Americas for centuries, but it hasn’t always been dessert. From currency to rituals, cacao—the bean used to...

    A Trip to Costa Rica is Good for your Health

    Whether you visit a yoga retreat, try a surf camp or just get some much needed R&R on the beach, Costa Rica is an...
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