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    Kayak Tour Golfo Dulce Mangroves

    Kayaking the Mangroves of the Golfo Dulce

    The sun’s slanting rays shine through the arbor’s roof of leaves in warm color shades. The calm water surface reflects the green of the...

    Costa Rica retirement: Sea kayaking for seniors

    Now you might think that paddling a kayak is too strenuous for us retirement age folks, but you’d be wrong. With little exertion, we glided smoothly over the swells with calm morning winds brushing our faces...

    Kayak Fishing in the Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica

    Our kayaks bobbed up and down in the Pacific swells as I lowered my fishing gear to the bottom of the palm-fringed bay. I was hoping to hook into a big Mahi Mahi or a Red Snapper, when a thought occurred to me. "Do the crocodiles ever swim out this far from the estuary?"
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