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    You Will Never Forget the Fascinating Sunsets and Giant Stones of Guacalillo

    We go through life discovering so many places, to be happier and grateful; nature embraces us through its unrivaled greenery, its exotic flowers, rivers,...

    5 Reasons explaining the Fascination about Costa Rica

    Tourism in Costa Rica is booming since years. Meanwhile about 5 million people are living in the country of “Pura Vida”. And more than...
    Kayak Tour Golfo Dulce Mangroves

    Kayaking the Mangroves of the Golfo Dulce

    The sun’s slanting rays shine through the arbor’s roof of leaves in warm color shades. The calm water surface reflects the green of the...
    Corcovado Park

    Corcovado National Park – an adventure of a lifetime

    Created in 1975 to protect this gorgeous region from illegal gold mining and logging, the Corcovado National Park is an extremely popular ecotourism destination...
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