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    The Reasons You Do Not Save Money and How to Deal with This

    Saving allows you to reserve a part of your income to use it in emergencies or to meet future goals, and it is one of the most important commandments of financial education.

    How to Keep Your Finances in Order and Increase Your Savings

    Any time is excellent to start organizing and reviewing your money account. Saving money demands order and it is very important to devote time...

    Living The Expat Dream in Costa Rica: How to Budget for Unexpected Expenses

    Attached to every good thing in life, is some sort of cost. When it comes to leaving the hustle and bustle of your first-world...
    alternative energy Costa Rica

    3 Ways to Make Your Costa Rica Home More Energy Efficient

    Give your home an energy makeover for the new year with these three simple tips! According to a report completed by students of Worcester Polytechnic...

    Simple DIY Tips that Benefit the Earth and Your Wallet

    Tried and true recipes for keeping clean, nourished and moisturized. Doesn’t every family have a homemade recipe that’s been passed down from generation to...
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