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    82%of People Believe Robots Can Be a Key Support for Their Careers

    Faced with feelings of loneliness and disconnection generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, people have started to turn to robots to fuel their career development

    US Engineers Create Robot Inspired by Costa Rican Sloths

    Professors at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States were inspired by the Sloths of Costa Rica to develop the SlothBot, a robot designed to monitor climate change

    TEC Student Designs and Creates Prototype Tree-climbing Robot

    The extraction of samples from very tall trees or trees located in broken terrain will be easier, faster and safer, thanks to the design and creation of a prototype tree climbing robot developed by José Miguel Ortega, a student of Mechatronic Engineering at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica

    “CyberKnife” Completed Its First Successful Prostate Cancer Radiosurgery Treatment

    In the first days of July, the first successful treatment of robotic radiosurgery for prostate cancer was completed. It is a procedure that was...

    The World Robot Olympiad Is Coming to Costa Rica

    Have you ever watched robots playing soccer or bowling? In November in Costa Rica, you can watch young talented engineers showcase their intelligent robots...
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