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    Costa Rica Is Highlighted For Sports Tourism This Year

    Some of these events are certified with the "essential Costa Rica" country brand to promote themselves inside and outside our borders.

    Congestion in Ports on the US West Coast Challenges Costa Rican Exporters

    A way to anticipate a shipment requires even more organization and planning on the part of the sector

    Cruise ships Could Return to Costa Rican Ports in a Matter of Weeks

    After several months of pause, the cruise ships could return to Costa Rican ports in a matter of weeks, according to the Costa Rican...

    ICT and Cinde Sign Agreement to Promote Foreign Investment Directed to Tourist Infrastructure

    The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) signed on Wednesday an agreement with the Costa Rican Coalition of Development Initiatives (Cinde), to bring direct foreign...

    Required Vaccines to Travel to Costa Rica

    In recent years, Costa Rica has become one of the countries in Central America with the highest number of visits from tourists from all...
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