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    Jatropha Biodiesel

    "Jatropha seeds have great performance to produce high quality oil, the plantation is perennial, and adapts well." This has been the conclusion of the...

    United Biofuels of America: “We are developing the next big Costa Rican export”

    UBA has developed a program to sell renewable energy farms to potential green tech investors, the first of its kind in the world. The President of UBA explains why he thinks this is the next big export for Costa Rica in an exclusive interview.

    Annual Biofuel Conference Set for Costa Rica

    SAN JOSE, CR --- (April 7, 2010) The world depends on energy for common, every day activities and much more. Gasoline and diesel are...

    Good news for the Costa Rican Environment

    By: Lance Harrell Anne Slaughter Andrew has been nominated by US President Obama to head the U.S Embassy in Costa Rica. Andrew, a graduate of Georgetown...
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