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    Discover Costa Rica’s Exotic Animals!

    Do you feel that nature and all its mysteries invite you to explore? Then you will be identified with destinations that involve...
    Tours Tortuguero National Park

    Observing Wildlife in Silence – Tortuguero National Park

    "Lay back. You don’t have to work that hard. Just enjoy the beauty of the park“, Barbara said. So we stopped paddling. Our boat...
    Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

    The Osa Peninsula – No Power, No Problem

    No electricity seems to be a big problem normally. That usually means no clean laundry, no hot showers, and worst of all, no Netflix....

    Talking With the Ancestors

    I’m a traveler, explorer and a “New Ager” for lack of a better term, so when a Costa Rican friend of mine, Carlos, started...
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