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    What is The Importance of Finance Law (Guide 2021)

    What is The Importance of Finance Law (Guide 2021)

    When it comes to describing the law pertaining to all aspects of finance, finance law is key. For example, when talking of a law that controls party behavior in which financial regulation forms an element of that law, finance law can be used to describe that law
    What is personal finance

    What is Personal Finance?

    Personal finance is defined as how families or individuals and not institutions or governments manage, save and invest their money.
    Mortgage Loans in Costa Rica: Advantages and Precautions

    Mortgage Loans in Costa Rica: Advantages and Precautions

    In recent months, the supply of mortgage loans has grown in Costa Rica, where they lend you 100% of the property's value. Even the entities that do not finance the total value, often grant the client a personal credit for the payment of the premium
    Costa Rica will Invest $ 156 million in the Digitalization of its National Treasury

    Costa Rica will Invest $ 156 million in Digitalization of National Treasury

    Costa Rica will invest $ 156 million in the digitization and modernization of the Ministry of Finance, in an effort to improve spending control and the fight against tax evasion, the Government reported

    Top 5 Markets for Payday Loans Companies

    Payday loans have exploded over the last two decades, with lenders across the world offering cash-strapped consumers the opportunity to have money in their...

    Trading Trends Expected In 2019

    Big and small traders spend days and months trying to understand which way the markets will lean. There is also the matter of stock...

    Western Union Announces the Hiring of 200 Employees in Costa Rica

    Western Union, the leading financial transfer and communications company, announces plans to strengthen its operations center in Costa Rica during this 2019, with 200...

    70 GBS Positions Will Be Available for Bilingual Professionals in Alajuela

    The Smith & Nephew company will hold an employment fair on November 9 and 10 at the Centro Coyol. 70 bilingual collaborators will be...

    Costa Rica Launches a Green Cryptocoin

    Costa Rica might be pint-sized but it is famed around the world for many things: great beaches, breathtaking landscapes, a huge biodiversity. It is...

    Costa Rica: Land of Business and Money

    The main aspect that defines the Costa Rican stock exchange is its self-regulated operational form. This has provided the Costa Rican stock market with...
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