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    Consider VAT on Digital Services as Deductible Expenses in Favor of your Company in...

    If you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, you may see the 13% VAT on cross-border digital services as an additional expense that you must add month to month

    Digital Services that Will Pay VAT from October was Reduced

    From 108 to 19 was reduced the amount of cross-border digital services with which the collection of the Value Added Tax (VAT) for said...

    These are the cross-border digital services that will pay 13% VAT as of October...

    Cross-border digital services are those provided by a provider not domiciled in the country through the Internet or any other digital platform and that...

    Costa Rica Ranks Among the First Nations in Telecommunications Growth Worldwide

    The digital consolidation of Costa Rica involves a great demand for innovation and modernization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and requires that with...
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