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    Low Interest Rates Open the Opportunity to Take a Loan or Refinance Mortgages in the Costa Rican Real Estate Sector

    Low Interest Rates ln The Local Real Estate Sector

    The low bank interest rates in Costa Rica that have prevailed since the beginning of 2020 and especially in this 2021 open an opportunity for Real Estate investors to take a new credit or refinance their current debts
    US News Announces the Best Debt Settlement Companies

    U.S. News Announces the Best Debt Settlement Companies

    In certain situations, debt settlement is the best approach to clearing up debts and getting your finances back in hand

    46 out of 100 Costa Ricans Have Serious Debt Problems during the Pandemic

    Debt is a problem that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 Pandemic since 46 out of 100 households in the country are heavily or...

    Jamaica Pays Oil Debts to Venezuela in Food

    Rather than cash the Jamaican Government has announced it intends to pay oil debts it owes to Venezuela in the form of food, medication,...
    Nelson Merentes

    Venezuela – The debt in foreign currency has increased

    As per the reports by BCV or the Central Bank of Venezuela, the amount of debt in the foreign currency has increased by about...
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