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    Costa Rican Chambers of Commerce Warns of Economic Blow Due to Toughen Health Regulations

    The Central American and Caribbean Chamber of Cosmetics and Cleaning Products (CACECOS) and the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce (CCCR)

    Franchises Generate Over 32 Thousand Jobs in Costa Rica

    Franchises generated about 32 thousand jobs throughout 2017, of which more than 8 thousand are granted by national firms. In total, there are 359...

    Costa Rican Economy Negatively Affected by Internal Conflict in Nicaragua

    The Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce has just announced losses of more than US$ 10 million and increases in operating costs of more than...

    First Franchise Fair 2013 in Costa Rica

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) -The first regional Franchise Fair (Expo-Franquicias 2013) will soon take place in Costa Rica.  More than 8,000 investors interested...

    Costa Rica Franchise Sector Grows 28%

    San Jose - The franchise sector in Costa Rica has shown strong growth over the years. According to data provided by the Costa...
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