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    The Fascinating Ujarrás Ruins of Costa Rica

    The curved side scrolls that join the first and third bodies that cover the gabled roof, their movement announce the arrival of the Baroque.

    Cherries: a Fruit Variety Full of Flavor and Benefits for You

    One sometimes does not realize the thousands of health benefits of fruits. Today we present to you the infinite qualities of cherries, known as...

    Get to Know the Uchuva (Golden berry) The Fruit of Love

    The “Uchuva” (Golden berry) knows to herself that she is a jewel, thus to protect itself, it made its own protective layer: The small...

    Detox your life in Costa Rica

    All disease is a manifestation of the body’s toxicity.  Until we give the body a chance to cleanse and heal itself we will stay...

    Stop the effects of aging with antioxidants!

    Slow down aging and disease with all the wonderfully abundant antioxidants available here in Costa Rica.
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