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    Dental Tourism Expert Says: “Thinking about Mexico for Dental Care? Better think Twice”

    As a Dental Tourism advocate, I have long viewed Mexico as a great potential marketplace for U.S. travelers.  It is nearby and has many...
    dental implants costa rica

    When Choosing a Dental Implant Specialist,

    As baby boomers age and the demographics of an aging U.S. society become more noticeable, one thing remains unchanged:  the human condition/the human experience. ...
    costa rica dental implants

    5 Things Dental Tourists May Enjoy While Abroad

    Dental work is not a tremendous amount of fun, even if you choose to go to an exotic destination like Costa Rica to have...
    dental implants costa rica

    A Dental Tale with a Happy Ending

    Every once-in-a-while, you hear a story that rekindles your faith in mankind. Well, I recently heard one, and it has blossomed into something that...
    medical tourism

    The Effects of Terrorism on Medical and Dental Tourism

    The long-term effects of terrorism on medical and dental tourism are difficult to predict, just as the short-term consequences have been and remain hard...
    costa rica dental guide

    Johns Hopkins M.B.A. Publishes Dental Tourism Guide

    Howard Siegler, Medical Correspondent for The Costa Rica News and long-time dental tourism advocate published The Beginner’s Guide to Dental Tourism.  Siegler says the...
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