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    Coffee: The Ubiquitous Drink That Rules The World

    Coffee is, after water, the second most consumed liquid in the world. Coffee is the second best selling commodity after oil

    Costa Rica Aims To Double Annual Coffee Production for 2023

    Coffee arrived in Latin America in 1720, with the first seeds of the Coffe arabica species that was sown in Martinique

    Costa Rican Coffee: The Best in the World and Deeply Rooted In Our Culture

    Costa Rican coffee is a culture with a tradition built for centuries of careful dedication to details from the selection of seeds to serving the brew on the family table. It is in almost every facet of the collective imaginary and feelings, as a way of understanding life.

    Growing Interest in Costa Rica’s Coffee by Korea

    Recently, Korea has become a major importer of Costa Rican coffee. This is thanks to their increasing interest in the quality of this product,...
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