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    Reforestation, the Most Viable Option to Effectively Counter Climate Change

    "Planting trees to save the planet" is a mathematical theory of Tom Crowther, a professor at the...

    The Climate Crisis: What Are The World's Expectations In 2020

    Through a report entitled "Global Humanitarian Overview" it was known that next year, some 168 million people will need emergency assistance worldwide

    The Climate Change Crisis Viewed From a Costa Rican Perspective

    In The Costa Rica News (TCRN), we have been constantly making known everything that happens in Costa Rica from a positive perspective,...

    More than 15,000 evacuated in Taiwan after “Super Typhoon”

    With torrential rains, and the strongest winds of the century, the super-typhoon Nepartak, first of the season, touched ground this Friday in Taiwan and...
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    Costa Rica Weather: Warning of a “Double El Niño” for 2015

    Climatologists are warning of a rare “double El Niño” event for this year. Several months ago it was just speculation. However, this month more...
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