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    Traditional Festival of the Boruca, Game of the Little Devils of Boruca

    “Los Diablitos”, Boruca Traditional Festival

    To the magical rhythm of the snail, and between colorful masks, corn-based meals and dances; the Boruca indigenous people celebrate every end of the year, the game of the little devils
    Costa Rica's stone spheres.

    Indigenous Culture: Who Were Costa Rica’s Diquis?

    Indigenous Costa Ricans belong to eight major ethnic groups and live in remote forested areas of the country. Below I will give some aspects of...

    Every Festival Throughout The Year in Costa Rica

    Village fairs are a Costa Rican cultural fact, are very popular, and are celebrated much like a carnival.  They range from popular musical groups,...


    In the Southern Zone of Costa Rica live a group of indigenous people who claim they are the only tribe who were never conquered...

    Talking With the Ancestors

    I’m a traveler, explorer and a “New Ager” for lack of a better term, so when a Costa Rican friend of mine, Carlos, started...

    Indigenous People Sidelined

    SAN JOSÉ, IPS) - The Diquís dam, the largest hydroelectric project in Central America, is worrying indigenous communities because Costa Rica’s state power company...
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