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    Banco Nacional Saved € 474 Million through Environmental Management

    Recently Costa Rica's Banco Nacional hit a note of excellence in terms of its environmental management. The bank achieved this by creating sustainable consumption...

    Banco Nacional is Leader in Self-Disposable Insurance Ranking

    The self-disposable insurances are very-low-cost and easy-to-subscribe policies. The most attractive point is that they do not require prior examinations for their issuance, and...

    New Banking Regulations in Costa Rica

    Some of the national banks in Costa Rica have been making changes to their previous restrictions on opening new accounts for foreigners.  In the...

    Banco Nacional will offer loans of ¢850,000 million in 2011

    For the coming year, the state agency intends to place ¢850,000 million, nearly 10 times the figure given in 2010, which amounted to ¢88,300 million.

    National Bank proposes more credit for tourism and construction

    by TCRN Staff According to the new president of the board of the National Bank, Alfredo Volio, the National Bank will be tasked with helping...
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