Sustainable Tourism Destinations in Costa Rica

strengthen the image of Costa Rica

The idea is to strengthen the image of Costa Rica as a sustainable tourism destination.

Tourism companies in Costa Rica committed to sustainable tourism management will receive the International TourCert Certification seal, officially recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

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This is a certification process developed in Germany, which is based on international standards of quality and environmental management.

“This tool allows all stakeholders and stakeholders linked to tourism to integrate into sustainable practices, corporate social responsibility, and quality in service delivery,” said Günter Koschwitz, TourCert board member in Germany.

The idea is that with the sum of several tourist destinations certified in the region, it will strengthen the image of Costa Rica as a sustainable and competitive tourist destination at an international level.

In addition, this certification allows all stakeholders and stakeholders linked to tourism to standardize on sustainable practices, providing not only greater efficiency in management, but a competitive advantage over the market that currently seeks destinations and sustainable products.

On the other hand, the steps to be certified are; diagnosis, business policy review, processes and structures, development of a continuous improvement program, preparation of a sustainability report and evaluation of the certification council to grant the certificate.

Finally, the process is reviewed by a certification board in Germany, made up of 12 tourism experts who evaluate the audit to grant the TorCert certificate in tourism sustainability.

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