Snakes Exhibited in Agricultural Fair

The 30th edition of the Agricultural Fair of Costa Rica brought in a special guest that attracted the attention of the visitors and purchasers: a snake.

You may be wondering why a snake was in an exhibition on that day. There’s a powerful reason for that. Not only was the snake an attraction at the fair but also a sample animal used by a group of experts who made presentations about the different species of snakes. The information provided included: how to breed snakes, and how to deal with a snake bite. Coronado is a rural area and it’s the habitat of several species of snakes which commonly live on farms.

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farmers marketThe workshop on snakes turns out to be ideal for farmers and ranch owners who have to cope with these animals on a regular basis. Needless to say that snakes are one of the main attractions of Costa Rica.

This is not the first time that a cobra is invited to the event. Last year, in the 29th Agricultural Fair edition, a yellow snake came onto the stage. Last year, a group of cobras were taken to the exhibition by the Serpentario Exhibición Cultura Móvil, which is an organization that travels around Costa Rica teaching about the snakes and raising awareness of their conservation. Serpentario Exhibición Cultura Movil focuses on schools and educational institutions to teach about these animals.

Just like in 2016, the snake was not displayed alone but alongside an array of vegetables and fruits. Other 40 species of reptiles were displayed in the event.

This year’s Coronado Agricultural Fair exhibited well-bred cattle, goats and more. There were also forums and forums.

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