Robots are Taking Control of Pedregal Events Center Today

    The Robot Day celebration will take place today Saturday at 9am

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    If you like robots or if you know somebody who likes them, you are cordially invited to the Pedregal Events Center in San Antonio de Belen where the Robot Day will be celebrated. The activity is an exhibition of robots that are able to partially interact. Attendants will be able to assemble them and even put them on a mini racing track. The entry is free. The activity is scheduled to last from 9 am to 6 pm.

    This event is a project promoted by the Costa Rican Foundation for the Innovation in view of the 2017 School Exhibit and Private Schools Fair.

    A technological agenda

    There will be four robot assembly workshops directed to children age 10 years and older. These talks will start at 10, 12m, 2 pm and 4 pm. They will last two hours each.

    In those workshops, the kids will learn how to make a robot walk and run for the competitions scheduled for 12m and 4 pm respectively.

    The devices will be on sale at affordable prices. Each device will cost $68 (38,500 colones), according to Cristian Nuñez executive coordinator of the Costa Rican Foundation for the Innovation.

    The activities are designed to people of all ages. Robotics courses, technology workshops, and artificial technology exhibitions will be available for all the attendants.

    “The objective of Robot Day is to teach the new methodologies used for learning any school subject through technology and robotics. Technology is a form of expressing and taking up challenges and can be utilized by anybody regardless of the age” – said Carolina Taborda, co-founder of the Costa Rican Foundation for the Innovation.

    A robot will welcome the public

    One of the main attractions of this event will be a robot which is 1.30 meters tall, as tall as a 7-year-old kid.

    These prototypes are not programmed to say words but are used to advertise a brand. The term totem refers to an immobile monolith or monument. However, these robots move to one place to another once they are installed on a mobile device. The totem robot will attract the attention of the attendants in the aisles of the School Exhibit and Private Schools.

    Other attractions

    The attendants will also be able to participate in a raffle for a trip to Spacecamp and Rocket Center, a NASA promotion center located in Alabama, USA. Only underage people will be allowed to take part in the raffle. The winner will travel to the United States for 7 days.

    The robot fair will also count on a flight simulator created according to the Orion spacecraft patterns, a new NASA project.

    For further details, go to or visit their Facebook page.

    Look at the gallery of these technological creations.

    But making a walking robot is not even easy for experts. If you still question this, watch the video below.

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