Resentment, An Emotion that Harms Our Well-being

Resentment, An Emotion that Harms Our Well-being

Resentment is a feeling of deep and persistent anger; a deep-rooted emotion that unbalances and makes the body and mind sick. The origin of this rancor can be due to several reasons: insult, abuse of confidence, deceit, offenses, mistreatment.

Resentment builds up until it finally turns into a desire for revenge. A desire that you feed and cause to grow to the point that it begins to be unbearable. In this way, little by little, rancor is formed and from there it is not difficult to go to hatred. A hatred that prevents us from calming down and observing things from a distance.

A dangerous weapon that hurts us

If you feel that someone has mistreated you unfairly, it is life that will order it, but you should not become a judge. We only have to be responsible for ourselves, modifying the association patterns and keeping in mind that if someone disappoints us, it does not mean that other people are also going to deceive us.

We are unique, let’s not make the mistake of trying to make others think as we want. The other person can never be as we need him to be. There are, therefore, numerous possibilities that they will defraud us many times over. It is necessary to learn that everything changes, and that we, too, are capable even without wanting to disappoint others.

Creación, Photoshop, Diseño, Odio, OjosThis feeling of resentment may appear as means of protection to avoid suffering, to flee from pain. Converting sadness into resentment, we may feel (wrongly) stronger, many times all this is done unconsciously.

To eliminate resentment it is necessary to forgive. There are some serious situations where forgiveness would not be possible, but we should always try to remove resentment in order to remain in peace, so that within ourselves everything is balanced in a healthy way.

Often a strong resentment can lead a person to want revenge, but the truth is that it can worsen the inner discomfort even more. Taking revenge will end up causing even more pain, because there will be a clash of contradictions, guilt and repentance.

It is difficult to change the emotional state of resentment spontaneously, but many things can be done to try to dissipate it. Remember, there is nothing positive about holding a grudge. While the other person who hurt you is probably happy and not guilty about the pain he caused, the offended person will be hurting. Therefore, it is not rational to carry resentment with you, because after all, we only cause pain to ourselves.

In short, resentment makes us keep evil in our spirit for a long time, with such an emotional state, and that kind of thinking, it is very difficult to be happy and productive.

The way of thinking is decisive to return to inner peace. If we do not stop thinking about what happened, if we continue to ask ourselves questions that cannot be answered, if we inquire non-stop about the whys, the mistakes we made, we will never be able to end this feeling.

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