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    In the South-East of Costa Rica, very close to Panama, is the small beach town of Puerto Viejo.

    If you want to get there by bus, you have to take leave from the Caribbean Terminal in San José. The trip is only four and a half hours traveling over some Costa Rica’s most amazing terrain.

    Puerto Viejo is probably one of the most beautiful places Costa Rica´s Caribbean coast has to offer. It´s close to the Cahuita National Park, that´s why you find so many tourists there.

    You can find many different places to stay at night (hostels, hotels and borrowed apartments), lots of restaurants, supermarkets, bars, cafes and banks.

    There are different opportunities to enjoy the sea: first there is the Playa Negra, a black sand beach. Second you can visit the Playa Cocles, a 2km to walk from the center, which has beautiful white sand and clear water with a third the beach in the Cahuita National Park. You should take a bus to get there because of the 10km distance but well worth the trip as it can only be compared to paradise.

    The reggae-like-atmosphere in the little town treats the visitors not only in the night but even in the day. You should visit Texmex, a bar where they play reggae the whole day. Those who prefer chart music can go to the Mango Bar.

    Even if you just stay a day you should definitely rent a bike at any of the stores. There are many who offer this for as little as $5 a day. This way you have the chance to see the little town as well as making the uncomfortable walking distances seem pleasant.

    You should buy the bus tickets back home a day before you want to leave because the passengers number is limited. Be at the bus stop 20 minutes earlier to make sure that you get a seat.

    On your Costa Rica vacation, make sure to visit Puerto Viejo, a unique Caribbean coastal town.

    By Juliane Schlue

    The Costa Rica News
    San Jose Costa Rica

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