Protest of the dismissal of 3,000 employees at Walmart

Concerned about the future of their working positions in areas such as merchandisers and demonstrators of the Walmart chain, including Palí and MAXI Palí, some 1,200 people will gather in front of the facilities located in San Sebastian, San Jose tomorrow. They want to leverage for the respect of their rights by the company and to prevent Walmart from letting go about 3,000 employees.

Ricardo Navarro, one of the coordinators of the movement, told La Prensa Libre that while the firm announced that apparently 1,500 new jobs will open up, Walmart plans to reduce the payroll.

It is important to remember that the chain closed 269 stores and canceled the services for 16 thousand employees in the US and Latin America since the beginning of the year.

“We are an organized group with about 1,200 employees, including marketers, that will have demonstrations and displays around the country in order to defend our rights. The goal is not to force, but to get Walmart to carry out what they inform the press- that will provide 1,500 jobs- because we believe it is a lie.

There are about 3,000 people who will be let go and increase the already existing unemployment in the country. They set to compete for positions against nearly 50 people, with wages that really are not sufficient. We want you to understand that we are the customer service and the people who aid you when you’re occupied, arrange the points of sale, create inventories, among others,” he said.

Navarro noted that the country operates 185 stores.

“We asked Mr. Aquileo Sanchez of commercial management not to manipulate the information, if there are 185 places divided by 1,500 jobs that means that there are 9 people at each facility, but this is not entirely true because each facility has staff in accordance with the budget of the area.

They want to put the external assistants, or marketers, out of Pali and Maxi Palí by this policy, if it happens that there are more than 3,000 persons without employment and the people believe that come to generate a good to Costa Rica ” he said.

Since layoffs are not yet formalized, the concentration will not lead violent acts.

“It will be a completely peaceful movement and participants are asked to attend with white shirts and organizers with black shirts, take banners, but we’ll be off site at 3 p.m.

We know that some companies in these moments made notifications of dismissals, but individuals by the same secrecy have a lot of speculation. The announcement of the project was made a month ago and we realized that would affect the external collaborators, ” he stated.