Presidential candidacy is “likely decision” for Gonzalez

The representative affirms that a final decision has not yet been made

Representative of the National Liberation Party (PLN), Rolando Gonzalez indicated that his candidacy to the Presidency is a likely decision, but has not yet been resolved.

The legislator of 65 years has shown interest in representing PLN in the 2018 elections for months now.

Gonzalez clarified that his final decision will not be made before the announcement of other internal figures of PLN, which, he said, also want to represent the party in the upcoming elections.

The representative, who has been one of the most critical opposition figures to the work of President Luis Guillermo Solis, indicated that the analysis being undertaken will be based on the outcome of his trip around the country.

In the case that the representative accepts the candidacy, he will have to compete with the former President of the Republic, Jose Maria Figueres, who announced his interest in once again returning to the top political job in the country on April 2nd.

Another figure of PLN that will compete within the party is the ex-representative of Guanacaste, Sigifredo Aiza, who started his campaign in early May.

The third confirmed contender is the former Minister of Justice during the administration of Alberto Monge, Enrique Rojas Franco, who joined the race to become president in early July.

The party also awaits the response of the ex-head of state Oscar Arias, who still has not taken a determined position in respect to the candidacy.

Gonzalez is not the only representative with presidential aspirations. A member of the Libertarian Movement, Natalia Diaz, announced that she will compete as the representative of her party in the 2018 elections.

Gonzalez is a lawyer, psychologist, and educator. He was a legislator in another opportunity – he was CEO of the Institute of Rural Development (INDER) in the administration of Laura Chinchilla and director of the National Production Council (CNP). In his party, he has served as Secretary General.


VIAThe Costa Rica News (TCRN)
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