President of Venezuela Promotes Disarmament Act

Latin America News – The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro promoted the Law for Disarmament and Arms and Munitions Control, adopted this week in the National Assembly.

“I want to thank the National Assembly for final approval of the law disarmament. On Saturday we will enact with the Movement for Peace,” the president said in his Twitter account, @ NicolasMaduro.

Venezuelan News Agency (VNA) reported that the National Assembly had unanimously sanctioned the bill.

“The legal regulations, which consists of 126 articles, restricts the sale of firearms and ammunition to private citizens and states that illegally holders of a firearm shall be punished with a sentence of seven to 20 years in prison” said the AVN.

In May, the Venezuelan government reported that up to 3,000 soldiers patrol the streets of Caracas as part of Plan Patria Segura, the twenty first major safety initiative in 14 years of the Chavez government.

The government of Venezuela seeks to honor its commitment to “hard” anti-crime. Last year 16,000 casualties of violent crime were reported while other sources estimate over 21,000.

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