Paraguay lawmakers impeach President Lugo
Paraguay lawmakers impeach President Lugo
Paraguay is dealing with more isolation on Monday when several Latin American counties announced they were recalling their ambassadors following the president’s impeachment.
Venezuela and Chile pulled their ambassadors Sunday, just after Brazil. Argentina recalled its ambassador on Saturday, June 23.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez also announced he is halting all shipments to Paraguay.

All of this follows the extremely quick removal of President, Fernando Lugo, on Friday from office who was ousted in under than 48 hours, which many are calling a coup, and unconstitutional.

Events were kick started on June 15, after police confronted landless peasants in eastern Paraguay, which result in 17 deaths. Lugo then replaced the national police chief and interior minister.

Outcry over the deadly event grew and the liberal party announced it was withdrawing its support of Lugo. The impeachment vote was heard in the lower chamber of Congress that day.

Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Dominican Republic and Ecuador said they would not recognize Franco’s new administration. Costa Rica has also issued an official statement of disapproval over the situation.

USA is taking a neutral stance.

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