Open Contest in Costa Rica Seeks to Encourage Productive Projects in The Communities

    Through the “Transforming Communities project”

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    If your community development association has a productive initiative that is sustainable and improves the quality of life of citizens, you have the opportunity to obtain funds of up to ¢30 million to carry it out.

    The Costa Rican National Directorate for Community Development (Dinadeco) and the National Bank convened the Transforming Communities project, which will provide financing to the three best plans that are presented. To do this, officials from both institutions will make a technical assessment.

     How to take part?

    Those interested must send their proposals before March 31st, 2022. Those projects that demonstrate their feasibility and whose impacts are quantified in social, environmental and economic matters will be selected. Those selected will be announced in May of this year.

    The amount of the capital that will be granted will be adapted to the investment plan that is presented. The maximum will be ¢30 million, a non-reimbursable sum contributed by the National Bank.

    Productive projects that guarantee their extension over time and that, in addition, demonstrate their ability to promote positive impacts in the community will be supported.

    The project must create an economic return that allows it to continue operating. Among its characteristics, it must generate sources of employment, support for vulnerable segments of the population (elderly adults, children, indigenous people, people with disabilities), combat climate change, responsible consumption or use of clean energy, among others.

    Community organizations that wish to participate must be up to date and meet the requirements established in the Program Regulations. This is found on the sites of Banco Nacional and Dinadeco.

    Additionally, they must send the requirements digitally to the email [email protected] since it is an essential condition to participate.

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