Nicaragua is accusing Colombia as has having taken a “hostile posture” against a Nicaraguan boat on scientific research in Caribbean waters, small island of Quitasueño, part of the San Andres archipelago. The area around of the San Andres Island that both Colombia and Nicaragua claims ownership of. The action took place Thursday October 11th.

“Nicaragua denounces this violation of national sovereignty as well as these kinds of unfriendly attitudes that violate the principles of international coexistence,” EFE reported that the foreign ministry legal adviser Cesar Vega said.

The Nicaragua government reacted harshly to a claim made by the Colombian navy that the Nicaraguan vessel entered Colombia’s territorial waters and was not withdrawing.

The Nicaraguan vessel was apparently doing ocean research around the small island of Quitasueño, an area that has been under dispute by both Colombia and Nicaragua since the 1830’s.

Two Colombian warships confronted the Nicaraguan vessel, demanded an immediate withdraw, however, the Captain of the Nicaraguan vessel (MedePesca III) refused to comply.
Colombian is recognized as having sovereignty over San Andres archipelago.

Nicaragua currently has boundary disputes with Honduras, as well 2 disputes with Costa Rica regarding the San Juan river that separates Nicaragua and Costa Rica as well as the Isla Calero between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
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