New Bill May Tax Plastics

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    666 million; that’s the number of plastic bottles sold annually in Costa Rica.

    Some end up in dumps, some are burned and emit contaminants into the air and others are simply tossed by the roadside where they eventually end up in water sources. Only 10% of the bottles fund their way to recycling centers. [quote_box_right]Learn Why You’ll Never Want to Buy Another Bottled Water in Costa Rica[/quote_box_right]

    Just a few weeks ago, a bill was introduced to the Legislative Assembly by the Ministry of Finance that intends to propose a tax on plastic containers.  This is in response to the high consumption of plastics in the country, and is an effort to reduce the damage occurred to the environment.

    Some of the examples of environmental damage caused by the use of these plastics include:

    • Consumption of plastic particles by marine life, that is subsequently consumed by humans
    • Potable water contamination
    • Air contamination
    • Increase in the amount of trash accumulated in dumps

    The environmental group Preserve Planet launched an initiative to reduce the use of plastics in bars. To date, 29 bars and restaurants have joined the campaign, “Don’t Be Plastic,” in which these establishments agree to offer drinks only in returnable glass containers.

    Among those that are participating are Jazz Cafe, Bar Buenos Aires, La Kbaña Classic, Rafas, and Terra U.

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